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By Doug Hubley: Sounds and reflections of a musical life

The Archives


Herewith, galleries of photos, set lists, news clippings, posters and other bits of paper erratically documenting the musical life of Doug Hubley.

Read about my misguided appreciation for the documents in the case.

Showing the most recent first:

The Howling Turbines, 1997–2004

These four galleries show setlists, news releases, posters and photos of the Portland, Maine, rock trio composed of singer-guitarist-accordionist Doug Hubley, drummer Ken Reynolds and bassist-singer Gretchen Schaefer. The Turbines were around from February 1997 until April 2004. Hear the Turbines at the Bandcamp store.

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We start off with the legendary “boxing poster” publicity photo session.

The Howling Turbines and friends.

Here’s a series of Turbines posters.

Finally, a collection of setlists, news releases and other detritus from the filing cabinet.

The Boarders, 1994–96

Following are three galleries dedicated to this band comprising singer-guitarist-accordionist Doug Hubley, drummer Jonathan Nichols-Pethick and bassist-singer Gretchen Schaefer that performed from June 1994 until July 1996 in Portland, Maine. Hear the Boarders at the Nimbit store.

Read about the Boarders:

The first gallery consists of publicity images taken in October 1994 by Jeff Stanton at his apartment building on Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine. This shoot was part of a fairly cohesive publicity campaign that also included gifts for journalists (keys with pin backs glued on them) and rigorous news-release campaigns for every gig.

Next, a collection of posters promoting Boarders gigs.

Finally, set and repetoire lists, press notices and a few more Boarders photos.

The Cowlix opening for Slaid Cleaves and the Moxie Men at Norton’s, a bar in Kittery, in summer 1992.

This recent contribution to the archives by Jeff Stanton dramatically expands the skimpy supply of ‘Lix performance pictures.

The Fashion Jungle, the Cronies and Monday Night Boozeness Meetings, 1985

The FJ came briefly back to life in 1985 with the appearance of bassist Dan Knight. At the same time, in this Year of the Creative Renaissance, our non-musical creative work — and our social lives — took off.

The Fashion Jungle, 1981-84

The middle period FJ was the most exciting and best-known iteration of the band. The members were bassist, singer and songwriter Steve Chapman, who joined in late 1981; DH, singer, songwriter and guitarist; drummer, singer and lyricist Ken Reynolds; and keyboardist Kathren Torraca.

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See galleries:

The Steve Chapman FJ, 1982:

Images related to the audiocassette “Six Songs,” including a newly rediscovered set of images by Gretchen Schaefer:

The Chapman-Torraca FJ from first to last:


The original Fashion Jungle, 1981

A short-lived but exciting quartet dedicated to original material and the faster-louder-more fun philosophy of music. Featuring DH on guitars, organ and bass; Mike Piscopo on bass, guitar and organ; Ken Reynolds on drums; Jim Sullivan on guitar, bass, organ and sax.

Read posts about this band:

See galleries:

The Corner
Scenes from the Corner, an ephemeral socio-cultural phenomenon, of which the FJ was a part, based at a South Portland variety store; also featuring images from a 1981 gig by the Pathetix, another product of the Corner scene, at an industrial site (now condos) in SP.

Read a post about the Corner:

Standing on the Corner . . . Suitcase in My Hand

See the gallery:


The Mirrors
Direct predecessors to the FJ, the Mirrors were a hard-working, semi-professional quintet that couldn’t make up its mind which band to be. With Chris Hanson, vocals; DH, guitar, organ, bass and vocals; Mike Piscopo, bass, guitar, organ and vocals; Ken Reynolds, drums and vocals; and Jim Sullivan, fiddle, bass, guitar, organ and vocals.

Read a post about the band.
We’ll Be Your Mirrors

See the gallery:


Truck Farm

My first performing band, Truck Farm, formed in 1971 in South Portland, Maine, where we all lived. The players: Ted Angell, bass; Tom Hansen, who was my best friend for five years until this band brought our differences to the fore, drums and vocals; DH, lead guitar and vocals; John Rolfe, rhythm guitar. Or, as John used to describe us, lead guitar, lead drums, lead bass and rhythm guitar.

See the gallery:


Earlier and other
I started playing guitar in 1966, played a lot of music and made a lot of noise with my friend Tom Hansen, whom I met that same year, and got into my first band in 1970. Here are posts and images relating to the times before and between bands.

Read posts about my early days in music:

See the gallery:

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  1. Awesome archive ! That’s a fun addition. I like the post too. I like how it is split up into “chapters”. Interesting topic and satisfying that you spent some time exploring it. It is quite an essential piece of your lifestyle that you retain so much physical documentation of your past. Likely it’s healthy for you to mull that over. Good and good for you!

  2. Alden Bodwell on said:

    A great collection of photos and thoughts that capture the essence of the times.

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